Pebble application to show individuals Caltrain times for the nearest station to their current location.
Home Automation
Created various tech to further automate my home. Made a Pebble application to control Wink lights from your wrist! In addition, aggergated home statistic reporting for display on mobile dashboards. Worked with Amazon Echo for Philips Hue automation.
C, Python, Javascript
Crowd Hydrology
Created a mobile web application to simplify civilian water level reporting. Developed in conjunction with an NSF grant.
HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python
Hungry Traveler
Pebble application created at HackIllinois. Provided instant food suggestions and found location aware groupon deals. Winner of the Yahoo API prize.
C, Javascript
Created during TechHacks Spring 2014. Soaiclize is a web service whose purpose is to aide individuals in finding events and things to do while in an area, based on location and likes. Additionally, the application provides a service to meet new friends, taking individuals off their screens and into the real world.
Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, leaflet.js, Parse, Java, Android API, JQuery
Created at MHacks Spring 2014. Used the Pinterest API to create a kiosk for small business owners to utilize Pinterest in the retail sphere. We created a web application for displaying popular pins on a television in addition to an pinterest shopping list application. Winner of Best Pinterest Hack - MHacks Spring 2014
Python, Javascript, Java, Android API, Pinterest API JQuery, HTML, CSS, Flask, Parse
Individually created a service to do in-browser speed testing and displaying on a map. Created to show different network speeds within my school's campus to identifiy areas of slow network speed.
Javascript, HTML, CSS, Google Maps, Parse
Created this hack at TechHacks in the fall of 2013. Create a fully fledged service for twitter that will send positive or negative messages to your friends at different time intervals in the day. Won best software hack at TechHacks Fall 2013. Worked on the entire front end and database.
Python, Javascript, JQuery, HTML, CSS, Google Charts, Parse